CV and Interview Workshop

Acting as a build-up to the UKEC’s Annual Career Fair, UKEC’s CV and Interview Workshop series aims to strengthen the quality of CVs collected from students as well as help students get through their interviews with companies, in hope of creating more opportunities for them to realize their dream jobs. Spread over 12 regions in the United Kingdom, from the 12th of February to the 21st of March 2012, we hope to get the best of talents, in our fight against brain drain.

Below are the proposed dates for the CV and Interview Workshop series:
Sunday, 4th of March 2012
· South East – University of Southampton, 2pm
Wednesday, 7th of March 2012
· London – LSE, 6pm
Sunday, 11th of March 2012
· North Region – University of Sheffield, 2pm
Saturday, 16th February 2012
· Scotland Region – University of Edinburgh, 4pm
Sunday, 17th March 2012
· North East, University of Newcastle, 4pm